About the Author

Colonel Don Wilson

Colonel Wilson was born to a navy family. His father, a naval officer, chose not to raise a boy but to build a man by strict discipline and accountability.  Therefore, Don was groomed for a service career and found no problems adjusting to army life; in fact he excelled in it.  Missing his father because of sea duty, he chose the army because it offered less separation from the family he hoped to have eventually. WWII was the pinnacle of America’s greatness and a perfect example to a boy at age 11-15. It instilled a love of country and patriotism so powerfully it remained strong throughout out his life.
Lt Col Wilson observes unfortunate changes in the character of our nation over his lifetime. A career soldier, he led an adventurous and hazardous life.  That experience taught lessons from which we can all learn and defines his point of view.


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